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What is Remote Patient Monitoring ?

Keeping Physicians & Patients Connected

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) allows providers access to more information about their patients, including activity level, diet, exercise and home environment. Having all this data instead of merely relying on the self-reported information patients give can help providers develop an appropriate treatment plan and ultimately improve clinical outcomes and lower costs. This is particularly important for patients with chronic conditions or comorbidities that are at increased risk for a serious health issue. RPM also empowers patients to be more proactive and engaged in their care because their everyday decisions will be documented.

What OHS Offers

The answer to actively engaging patients at home is to make it easy. Patient-friendly technology requires seamless integration into patients' daily lives. We help you increase patient engagement and compliance by providing easy-to-use solutions.

With our aging population, more and more patients are being diagnosed with chronic conditions. In the US 71% of health care spending goes to treating multiple chronic conditions. To combat these escalating costs and scale chronic care management programs, providers are moving care to lower cost care settings. To do this confidently, providers are turning to OHS for scalable remote patient monitoring solutions that meet HIPPA privacy and security standards.

Identify rising risk patients and prioritize care delivery to those with the highest needs.

Connect targeted patients with resources to monitor progress and take desired actions that close gaps in care.