A healthcare portal and meaningful support for the healthcare journey with One Healthcare Solution. Whether you’re caring for yourself or managing someone else’s healthcare, Patient Portal can improve your healthcare experiences and support your health between doctor visits. Use our platform to make managing all things health-related easier, let us provide you with a one-time service of collecting your medical records, or benefit from a full-service care coordination program that simplifies healthcare experiences.

Why have staff try to transcribe or refer back to what the patient has "checked off" or "written" on a "patient information sheet"? Don’t have staff rewrite all the family history, social history, review of systems, and allergies and then have you re-dictate it as well. Save countless hours by having the patient electronically fill out the above items that can go into the patient's chart without touching any of the information, retyping the information, or dictating any of the items, an invaluable time saver for any practice!

Improve Physician Work-Flow

  • Patient's health history goes directly into the chart saving physician time
  • No re-entry of chart information
  • Streamline charting and dictation time with patients
  • Minimize dictation time with help from the patient check-in
  • Build a more complete chart with accurate documentation

Focus on Patient Care - Forget the paper

  • Improve patient satisfaction by having streamlined electronic paperwork
  • Move patients through "the process" more efficiently
  • Have HIPAA paperwork in electronic form to be signed by patient
  • Show your patients that the practice is concerned about their time
  • Increase patient satisfaction

See More Patients and Improve Office Flow

  • Increase workflow
  • Dictate less
  • Document more
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in the office

Save Staff Time

  • Have patient electronically fill out paperwork.
  • No need for staff to refill out paper forms with current medications, family history, social history, review of systems, and allergies etc.

It's already done by the patient!

  • No longer have patients fill out paperwork just to have the nurse or staff re-write the information in the chart again

Easy Point of Entry

  • Use technology, no typing or misspelling of drugs or words.
  • Fill out patient information over the web.
  • Electronic Patient Check-In is concise, to the point and expedient.

Designed to Fit Your Practice

  • New patient check-in
  • Follow-up patient check-in
  • Multiple types of follow-up patient check-in
  • Customized patient check-in to fit your practice