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Chronic Care Management

One Healthcare Solution acts as an extension of your practice, available to your patients 24/7*. We follow your protocols to mirror the personality of your practice, build relationships with your patients and their caregivers, and effectively deliver Chronic Care Management and other care coordination services on your behalf

*Your healthcare provider is ultimately responsible for the final decision as to whether CCM is right for you.

What OHS Offers

One Healthcare Solution’s chronic care management program also provides the staffing and operations necessary to manage patient engagement. Our experienced team provides patient-centered coordination along with advanced software solutions that reduce the burden of managing in-practice CCM and give customers the assurance that patients are getting the care they need.

SMART-EHR integration

Are you being asked to re-key data?
Using the latest integration solutions, we help to maximize clinical data. We automate data collection from internal and external sources. We work with the latest versions of EHR, EMR, and Practice management solutions in the market and have extensive experience working with older legacy healthcare solutions.

Project Image

Practice Analytics

Guessing who needs what when, does not work.
Practice Analytics identifies patients that need attention. We help identify the patients that need chronic disease management services along with preventative care. Our intelligent analytics allows for criteria to be customized based on the needs of our customers.

Enrollment Campaign

Introducing patients and confirming consent.
Smart enrollment campaign helps providers recognize who can benefit from the service and uses personal communications and smart software tools to allow clinics to on-board selected patients quickly.

Automated Collaborative CCM time tracking.

Automatically track time spent managing patients.
Time spent by office staff and the Chronic Care Team is tracked and accounted for. Project Image

Custom Care Plans & Interview Questions

Dynamic care plans adapt to the patient's conditions.
Care plans and patient questionnaires are developed for each chronic condition to account for patient-specific criteria. Using Medicare recognized disease categories, we identify through diagnoses, lab results, vital signs, and other criteria, the appropriate patient-friendly care plans, and interview questions.

* The OHS platform is not a Patient Emergency Response System (PERS) and should not be used in an emergency. For emergencies call 911.